Helping improve every customer experience - today and every day

Helping improve every customer experience - today and every day

Great customer service and store standards are not negotiable in specialty retail. Exceeding expectations will enhance the customer experience and their loyalty toward your brand. Whilst every retailer strives for this ideal, delivery is often compromised by inappropriate systems. everyCX simplifies retail operations via an easy to use digital platform designed only for specialty retail. everyCX simplifies planning and control of coaching, communications and compliance so the teams are always ready for the day ahead. 

Customer Experience

Customers have always been the focus of great retailers. However, the modern world is a lot more demanding with increased competition and demand on resources. Great range and value need great service. Retailers need environments where all staff understand the drivers for the day ahead. Doing this systematically with everyCX enhances the customer experience and the employee experience.


Retail revenue and margin is driven by conversion rates, the basket size and mix. Store-based teams have a crucial influence on these variables. It is critical that they engage with customers with confidence and competence. Specialty retail is a dynamic environment. You need specialist tools to enhance customer service. everyCX focuses only on specialty retail. We understand these dynamics. 


Specialty retail has a lot of variables in play. Increased share of wallet depends on good plans and confidence that the plans have been enacted on time. You cannot improve what you do not measure. everyCX enhances visibility that operational plans are enacted on time and assists to measure and compare performance – systematically.

everyCX! helps speciality retail teams to optimise the opportunities for the day ahead

Attract great staff

Creating a great place to work with ongoing career opportunities assists the teams’ satisfaction, loyalty and your ability to be an employer of choice. 

Minimize risks

Retailers have obligations for health, safety and other legal requirements. Digitizing operational processes reduces stress and maximizes compliance.  

Reduce costs

Wages, travel and other resources add to the cost of coaching and compliance. Staff churn is very expensive. Rationalizing all creates significant savings. 

Team confidence

Improving teams’ skills adds to their confidence and your service standards. Being able to brief teams systematically also improves head office team synergy.


Customer loyalty is enhanced by a great customer experience. This has short and long-term benefits. Creating a great employee experience also adds to your team loyalty.  


Specialty retail has a sense of urgency. Plans must pivot quickly. A great customer experience depends on each team being ready. It is not negotiable