Making Speciality Retail Operations Easy and Fun

See how everyCX helps to focus energy and align teams to maximise the opportunities for the day ahead.


Engage your team without digital overload

Diverse shift patterns across numerous locations create unusual communication burdens in retail. Whilst there are scores of communications tools, most fail to recognise the limited time available for retail teams. everyCX provide structured communications to align teams and drive feedback. Our multi-media features reflect the visual nature of retail without the investment of endless hours or meetings.


Nurture your team's skills via a simple app in the palm of their hand

Retail training and development requires tools that understand the variables in play. Products and promotions constantly change. New staff come on board with a variety of skills. Multiple stores, limited staff, overlapping roles and differing shift patterns create unique coaching demands. everyCX assists in the induction and upskilling of teams and creates meaningful learning journeys that reflect the needs for today and the skills for the future. 


Ensuring your stores operate at best practice today and every day

Whether its health and safety or store standards - retail demands adherence to key processes so that customers and staff are safe and that all your stores reflect current products and promotions effectively. everyCX gives you visibility that tasks are done on time to the standard you require and leaves a digital record for future reference. The underlying simplicity enhances efficiency and productivity. 


Attract and retain the best staff

Building a great team culture requires commitment from the top down. Time pressure, diverse locations and unusual shift patterns can damage the best intentions. everyCX assists by creating a central place to share ideas, celebrate success and make sure all staff feel part of the team. Creating a great place to work enhances your customer’s experience and your bottom line.  


Enhance your team's learning achievements. 

Specialty retail offers many rewarding career paths, most of which start at the store. Whilst some key employees may have other primary motivations such as study or family, all employees value learning new skills and being recognised by their employer. everyCX assists to proactively nurture teams’ skills and careers. This adds value to the team, the retailer and your customer experience.

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