Optimize Store Operations

everyCX assists speciality retailers to offer a great customer experience to every customer in every store today and every day.  Concise, consistent coaching, communications and compliance assists retailers to maximise store performance and promote team engagement.  Win-Win


Assist teams to have confidence and skills to add value on the floor.

Accessories are an exciting part of the shopping experience. Whether its a special night out, a vacation or just something for “me” accessories retail needs great skills on the floor. With so many options to be matched with very specific needs - the customer experience needs to be well managed. everyCX assists teams to have confidence and skills to add value to this experience consistently. 


Ensure total alignment for the day ahead - no matter what the trend.

Fashion is one of the most challenging retail environments. A lot of competition and short product life cycles. Enhancing range and value with great service is critical. Customers need advice. Stores must look great. Your team needs concise, consistent coaching to ensure all stores are aligned for the day ahead. everyCX makes this easy and fun.


Coach you team on advice, trends and technique.

Customers within the beauty sector are buying more than just products. They need advice on trends and technique. Adding value to this experience can be daunting. However, managed professionally the rewards for the retailer are superb. The customer experience in beauty is the main point of difference for a retailer. everyCX assists you to coach your team logically and concisely. 


Customer loyalty depends on impeccable store standards every day.

Long hours across seven days means many shifts with many skill levels. Your customers expect great service 100% of the time so your processes must be smart and efficient. Margins are slim. You cannot afford wastage, but longwinded coaching and communications will not workWhether its for your customer, your staff or your business – everyCX is the right choice for a digital transformation. 


Great Customer Service is the main point of difference in Electronics.

Electronics has incredible product churn rates. Manufactures are often selling fashion. Customers expect the staff member on the floor to be well informed. Most manufactures have detailed release notes but its not possible for all staff to be up to speed – all the time. everyCX makes this easier with unique features which can guide team members to add value the customer experience. 


Well informed teams turn transactions into great experiences.

The twenty first century gift experience has an abundance of options. Customers want guidance on trends, suggestions and value. Well informed staff are critical. everyCX helps to share information that adds to their confidence without extraordinary effort. Simplifying this journey as part of your overall communications leads to better customer service, better sales and happier staff.


Customers are searching for ideas.  Help your staff to help them.

Today’s home is a statement. Customer’s need guidanceHome maker trends can be confusing. Key information is sitting in your busines. everyCX helps you share this information across all your team easily and simply. Whether staff have just started or have been with you for yearseveryCX will assist to them to sell “the look” with confidence.    

QSR / Hospitality

Low margins, long hours and a lot of competition requires effective systems.

The hospitality industry has some of the most demanding requirements within speciality retail with customers expecting speed and reliability every time.  Combined with long hours, numerous shifts and a large proportion of junior staff - there are significant challenges.  Adding to this is the need for health and safety perfection for both customer and the team.  This sector cannot afford to have poor communications and compliance management.


Modern service centres need modern coaching, communications and compliance.

Your team may be the best qualified. But when they need to attend to the shop front – are they all confident? everyCX can help to take them on a journey that will compliment their technical skills. Their experience is an asset to the customer. Fine tuning this experience in conjunction with your general communications is a win for all. 


Great customer experience in shoe retailing creates amazing customer loyalty.

Shoes are a staple of every wardrobe, yet the reason to purchase vary across customers and time. Stylepracticality, work, casual, price, value all weigh-up in the customer’s mind who usually needs guidance from your staff. Adding value to this guidance creates a sustainable point of difference which creates a great customer experience and loyalty – from your customers and staff.    


With immense on-line competition – sports retailing's main value add is service.

Sporting products have an intricate purchasing process based on style, value and performance. Each customer has a different balance, and it is critical that all staff can address this with credibility. Staff may be enthusiasts, but most need coaching to be able to guide customers. This is not one-off induction. It is an ongoing journey addressing changes in products, promotions, seasons and trends.